3 comments on “Our calling

  1. Hey April,

    I am always so appreciative of what I find here on your blog: elegant words supported by such wonderfully imaginative images. You have a gift for expressing the often complex with such delicate simplicity.

    Thank you 🙂

    DN – 12/04/14


    • Hi Dewin, in a simple way I can express. Thank you. 🙂
      Your writings are in depth and have the feeling of the mysterious. Your whole vibe feels like that and it is interesting (in a good way)
      You also encouraged me to post by Ram Dass on ‘Namaste’ on my inspire section.
      I have started another blog in which I will try to express myself more intimately, however I can not sort out how to correctly use these blogs at the moment and it keeps me from reading as much as I like too.
      Anyway thank you again for your warm and appreciated comments. 🙂


      • Hi April,

        If not for your inspirational posts, I’d not be so moved as to comment!

        And judging by the number of ‘likes’ you receive on your FB posts, there are many thousands of people who also feel similarly, and in that might you find the inspiration and motivation to share your thoughts with the world.

        Reading is a wonderful pastime, and writing a wonderful way of transmitting and perpetuating the ideas, thoughts and sentiments of another. Words are such immensely powerful ‘symbols’ that are each imbued with their own individual power of transcendence…for it is always the imagination of the reader that breathes life in to an understanding of them 🙂

        Until next time…


        DN – 12/04/14


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