3 comments on “The leap of faith

  1. Hey April,

    How uncanny that your quote is posted at a time when my mind is considering the many possible ways in which the future could unfold. I somehow find value in the perceived synchronicity of that.

    Maybe it is time to take to the air and fly on my way like the Eagle…

    Thank you.


    DN – 11/04/14


    • Dewin, I have been meaning to take some time out and read your blog. I did peek and it looks interesting to say the least. I am happy if my words have come at a good and meaningful time for you. That is all any of of could hope for. Namaste has such a beautiful meaning so Namaste to you too.


      • Hi April,

        Thank you. You’ll be most welcome to visit at any time 🙂 I hope you find small treasures there as I am finding daily here.

        Namaste is pure poetry, a word that was introduced in to my vocabulary quite recently by Trina who blogs at http://akosmopolite.com/ and from whom I am learning so much. The word conveys a thousand blessings and a myriad of respectful thoughts and delivers them to another in just 7 letters.


        DN – 11/04/14


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