5 comments on “A time

    • Hey April.

      Thank you 🙂 I am sure that we both keep eyes to the expansive heavens and to the jewel that burns so brightly in our lives…

      I always try to remember that even in the light of day, way out beyond the visible sky the stars are still shining just as sweetly as they always have and continue to call us home.

      Perhaps as mankind turns his attention once more to ideas of reaching out beyond the stars to locate new worlds and establish new frontiers, so we will all return our gaze to the heavens in search of new understanding and new revelation to elevate our consciousness ever higher and progress our evolution ever further.

      Reading ‘Crystal Palace’ found me walking a celestial path that left my soul flying like Icarus himself.

      Lovely words as always. Thank you.

      DN – 17/04/14


      • Your words are so beautiful. Even your comments are like poetry. 🙂
        I do believe we are in a special era on this planet and that we are all experiencing an elevation within our consciousness. It is quite beautiful to watch it all unfold. I feel having my face book page that my followers have all taught me how hungry for true meaning our world is at the moment. It was they who inspired me to write again and I truly am tired now of the baby steps in my writing.
        I wrote Crystal Palace in 1981 during a wake up call spiritually. I am happy it took you to that magical place. 🙂


    • 🙂 you are very kind, but I think it’s the visual imagery in your sentimental heart-felt posts that caress the minds of others and helps keep their thoughts airborne and their words so inspired.

      Perhaps you might enjoy writing longer pieces to satisfy their hunger as well as your own? 🙂

      DN – 17/04/14


  1. Hey April,

    This took me back to my childhood…back to those sweet, sweet memories of an age of unbounded imagination and wondrous innocence. They were heady days indeed 🙂

    I wonder how many of us even bother to look up anymore at all? And if we do, what is it that we now see?

    This post I’ll file away under nostalgia…

    DN – 15/04/14


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