3 comments on “Spiritual Silence

  1. Hey April,

    As always…profound words beautifully expressed by the fusion of thought and image.

    Thank you.

    ‘…and let the questing mind be still…’
    In the ground of your being I have my home,
    so do not seek me in the world apart.
    Within your spirit true communion lies.
    You are no homeless stranger in a land afar,
    no alien on a foreign shore,
    for I am within you.
    Do but be still and know that I am God.
    I look upon the world with you dark eyes;
    I feel the flowing air upon your cool cheek.
    I hear the twittering in the moving trees,
    for with your sense I perceive.
    I am with you, I am within you.
    So do not turn away but come to rest in me.
    Within you is our meeting place.
    But be still, and I will speak in silence
    to your loving, wayward heart.

    ~ Paula Fairlie ~

    DN – 23/04/14


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