10 comments on “Flying again? gzz

  1. Ohhhhhhh, April! Last week I was SO lost in a nightmare, and now just now coming out of it. Hmmmm…..So I was flying and just didn’t know it? I’ll buy that. Coming out of the tornado into PEACE. Love, Amy


    • Hopefully we all land at some point. I hope your nightmares go away. 😦 I hate when I get them too.
      I finally took some pictures but I have to learn how to make a new page and post them separately. It was fun but I have a lot of practice still. 🙂
      Love back to you ❤


      • April, why do you have to make a separate page? I don’t understand. I import my photos for my posts. And oh yes, practice will make perfect. So practice away, and when you get frustrated, walk away from the camera and do something else for a while. It takes time, my friend. I still have my days that I just want to shake my camera. I have the toughest times with the colors red and orange. Grrrrrr…. Yep, sure do. Just captured some orange today and just could not bring that orange down. See? I have lots of practice still. I as well hope the flashbacks go away. I’ve been through the wringer. Rusty is still not home free. (((HUGS))) Amy


        • When I make a page it only lets me put one post up or one after another with no comments likes per post on it. It really has me stumped. I have read,watched videos and all too. I may have to write wordpress and ask for help. On my main blog it post each one fine but on my others it won’t. It most likely is something silly. I did get some pretty nice photos. It is fun already. 🙂


          • Oh, now I get it. I can only post like I am on my front page. All others are one after the other, and no comments. I understand what you are talking about now. I think different themes allow you to have different categories and have pages like you do when you post. My theme does not. Is that what you are talking about? xx


            • Yes I think so. Gz might have to find one I can at least have two. I need to check but I am sure this is one. I will get it sorted soon enough.
              Hope all is well with you. ❤


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