12 comments on “True connection

  1. Oh, April, this is SO true! I knew this as a child when I questioned WHY did I have to go to confession when I spoke to Jesus all the time? We are ONE with ALL and that includes GOD. You are inspiring me to post a really DEEP post I have been sitting on! OH boy! xx Amy


      • I speak from my Heart, April, that is why you SEE it. I looked again at what I have written and it’s like, oh boy, are people ready for this? No separation? There never has been. Man is the one who stepped between GOD and man. Oh boy. I have to do this right and it is going to take some time. Gentle. Easy. And with Love. Some who read it will be shocked and rear in fear. I’ve always known, somehow, April, that GOD is everything, that same everything called LOVE. Whew. So much to bring together!!! (((HUGS))) YOU keep on shining! Love, Amy


        • Just found another post from you. It made me laugh because I can relate. I will have to dig some of my old photos out one time and show you. 🙂
          Stay strong, keep sharing! That’s what life is about.


          • April, I had to tell you, it took three times, but I now have the final draft. I think it will up tomorrow and for this one, I am closing comments. I want those who read the words to go within their own heart instead of coming to me for further confirmation or more whisperings from my heart. I now am focusing all afternoon on very special images to match these words. It’s a good one, Luv. No separation. OK! Here I go batting another Home Run! Whew! Love, Amy


            • If people share from their hearts and someone doesn’t get it, it won’t be down to us. That voice within is telling us to face our fears for a reason. Jus’ saying 😛


              • I know, April. I am only the messenger, and I even wrote as much before the actual poem. If some don’t get it or if some feel fear by it, that is not my issue. It is theirs. I have learned that one in spades. Although I must admit there are times that I do get stung, all because of who I am and what I say. Getting better at that too. (((HUGS))) Amy


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