10 comments on “The seeker within

    • I am so new to all of this and unsure how to put the Angel award up. Do I copy it and post or link to your page. This is beautiful to me and all in a perfect time too.
      Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
      April xx


      • Hi April…don’t worry, I was myself as unsure as you can be, at first! Just put the picture of the Award in a post you create about this matter (right click on it and copy it)…choose 10 persons-blogs who you most think of that this Award would be great for them; leave them a short message with the link of your post…and of course you can mention the one who presented it to you (me, hum). That’s it…seems a bit complicated my friend, but I’m sure you’ll get the it fast! I hope I was clear enough in my guidance…I’m mostly French, but I like much this complicity with English friends too! Good luck! Delvi.


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